Still Life Analysis II:The Island | 靜物研究II:島民


I-Hsuen Chen Solo Exhibition
Photoaura Institute of Photography | 海馬迴光畫館
2016.5.1 – 6.12
I found collections of vagrants’ household objects beneath Civic Boulevard when looking for garbage-like items on the streets of Taipei. I began documenting them.
The underside of Civic Boulevard resembles a subtropical island hot spot with its artificial stones and potted plants decor. On this island, “citizens” carry with them “objects” that temporarily occupy spaces that could be called home. Households at the foot of a bridge, a no man’s land. The authorities come in every once in a while to groom the area. Real estate advertisements in all imaginable shapes and forms huddle close by. Here, a piece of property is termed an “object.”*
I collected written information and slogans in the advertisements. Sales details such as project names and locations are then eliminated. What is left of these messages becomes poetry. The Found Poems laud the modularized ideal of beautiful living and depict Taipei citizens’ collective yearning for home and lifestyle. They are a paradoxical prophecy and reflection on the condition of the island “citizens” under the bridge.
Through collecting and documenting various “objects,” an attempt is made to situate oneself on the thin line separating the private and the public, and to understand nature and civilization as properties in constant, fluctuating relationships of occupation, re-occupation, and elimination. Elimination becomes a form to occupy in the end.
* A property for sale is literally termed an “object” in Taiwan’s real estate business.


收集這些房產「物件」的文案,抹除案名地點等銷售元素後成詩。撿拾到的詩句(Found Poem)是美好家居的模組化倡議,更是市民對家居的集體想望,呼應橋下島上這些「市民」的處遇,像是弔詭的寓言。
Exhibited works:

Still Life Analysis II:The Island | 靜物研究II:島民
Photos, archival inkjet prints

The Real Estate Poem | 物件詩選
Real Estate copywriting, inkjet prints on Xian papers
Exhibited photos:
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