I-Hsuen Chen is the winner of the Visual Arts Award in the 18th Taishin Arts Award. He holds an MFA from the Pratt Institute, New York. Starting with photography, Chen employs various approaches, namely, street photography, video installation, and performance, to continuously experiment on the relationship between image creation and different media. He now works and lives in Taipei.
Chen's work has been shown at photo festivals and biennials internationally, including New York Photo Festival (2012), Singapore International Photography Festival (2014), Taipei Biennial (2016), Lianzhou Foto Festival (2016), JIMEI ARLES International Photography Festival (2016), and Offline Browser—Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (2018.) His work is also in the Permanent Collections of Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and Kadist Collection.

陳以軒是第18 屆台新藝術獎視覺藝術獎得主,紐約普瑞特藝術學院藝術碩士。創作從攝影出發,透過街拍、錄像裝置、行為演出等各種手法,不斷實驗影像與不同媒材之間的關係,目前工作與生活於臺北。
陳以軒曾參與2016年台北雙年展,其攝影作品受邀至各大攝影節展出,如紐約攝影節、新加坡攝影節、連州攝影節、廈門阿爾勒攝影節、以及台南攝影節,並先後於hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK、關渡美術館、竹圍工作室、台北市立美術館、海馬迴光畫館及鳳甲美術館舉辦個展。作品獲休士頓美術館及卡蒂斯特藝術基金會收藏。
Master of Fine Art, Photography, Pratt Institute, New York(紐約普瑞特藝術學院攝影碩士)
B.A, Advertising & Public Relations, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei(輔仁大學廣告傳播學系)

2019 Commissioned 委託製作, Honggah Museum 鳳甲美術館, Taipei
2016 Still Life Analysis II: The Island 靜物研究II:島民, Fotoaura 海馬迴光畫館, Tainan
2015 I Went Abroad, and then I Went Back 我出國了,然後我回來了, Taipei Fine Arts Museum 台北市立美術館, Taipei 
2014 Still Life Analysis 靜物研究, Bamboo Curtain Studio 竹圍工作室, Taipei
2014 Nessun Dorma 你是懂了嘛, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts 關渡美術館, Taipei
2013 I am Leaving this City 我要離開這個城市了, hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK
2012 Nowhere in Taiwan 遍尋無處, Pratt Steuben South Gallery, New York

2022 NEXT: Taishin Arts Award 20th Anniversary Exhibition, MoNTUE, Taipei
2022 TAV ART PROJECT TRILOGY: PROCESS, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei
2022 "Himotoku: The Opening Blossoms of an Unraveling World," Tokyo Art and Space, Tokyo (link)
2022 Suwon International Art Festival, Suwon Manseok Gallery, Suwon
2021 The Ever First, Eslite Gallery, Taipei
2021 TAV ART PROJECT TRILOGY: BEGINNING, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei
2020 Either too Quiet or too Loud, Honggah Museum, Taipei

2020 Gwangju Media Art Festival, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju
2018 Listening to Mountain and Sea - Archive of the Capture of Urban Landscapes: The Vocal Cords of City, Keelong
2018 Offline Browser—Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2018, Honggah Museum, Taipei
2018 Tainan International Foto Festival, Tainan
2018 Urban Potential Chloroplast—Photosynthesis of Landscape in Shuijiaoshe, Tainan 2017 VT20, VT ARTSALON, Taipei
2017 Osiris and Ganesha, Marso Gallery, Mexico City
2017 Faint Light, Dark Shadows, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
2016 XISHUANGBANNA FOTO FESTIVAL 2016, Xishuangbanna
2016 JIMEI ARLES 2016 International Photography Festival, Jimei
2016 LIANZHOUFOTO 2016, Lianzhou
2016 Wise Sphere, co-curated by CHENG Shao-Hung and WANG Pinpin, Hin Bus Depot Art Centre, Pulau Pinang
2016 Taipei Biennial 2016, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
2016 Green Energy, Art Power, Taichung Public Art Festival, Taichung
2016 Mark, Crane Gallery, Kaohsiung
2016 HATCH Series TPE No. 1 | As the City Disappears, Let’s Talk about Modernity, co- curated by Nana Yu-I Lee and Cheng-Sean Wang, Huaboo, Taipei
2015 The Real Thing 一場關於真實的導覽, curated by Jiaxin Chen 陳佳音, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts 國立台灣美術館數位藝術方舟 , Taichung
2015 On Site Artfest 混種現場藝術祭, 快閃工作室, URS21中山創意基地, Taipei
2015 Road Show 大路上展, Dynasty Gallery, Taipei
2014 Taipei Arts Award 台北美術獎 2014, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
2014 The Spirit of Cities 城市精神―大內藝術節年度主題展, curated by Jia-Zhen Tsai 蔡家榛, Taipei
2013 Don't Look Back, CCNY Staff Show, The Camera Club of New York, New York
2013 If You Can’t Sing, I Do not Want to be Part of Your Revolution 如果你不會唱歌,我才不要參加你的革命, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts 關渡美術館, Taipei
2013 船的創作展 - 五分之三, curated by Chuan Art, Miimi Project Space, Taipei
2013 Kaohsiung Award Exhibition 2013 高雄獎, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art 高雄市立美術館, Kaohsiung
2013 PAUSE, Foley Gallery, New York
2013 Traces of Omnipresence, 308 at 156 Project Art Space, New York
2012 PHOTO TAIPEI 2012 台北攝影與數位影像藝術博覽會, Taipei
2012 The Camera of New York, Annual Benefit Auction, New York
2012 Folk Remedy, Ren Tea House, New York
2012 Near Collisions, curated by Jesse Cesario, Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York
2012 The New York Photo Award Exhibition
2012 Art Student Exhibition in NY 2012, ISE Cultural Foundation, New York
2012 Simply, curated by Louise Clements, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins
2012 PhotoPlace Open, curated by Kyohei Abe, PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont
2012 Pratt MFA Show, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York
2012 Beyond 1 lens & Over 100 eyes, hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK, New York
2012 New York Photo Festival Invitational Exhibition, New York
2012 EXCAVATION / MEMORY, Ed. Varie Gallery, New York
2011 No Trend, Pratt Steuben South Gallery, New York
2011 Art from the Heart, 25CPW Gallery, New York
2010 Layers, Pratt Dekalb Gallery, New York

2020 18th Taishin Arts Award: Visual Arts Award winner  第18屆台新藝術獎視覺藝術獎得主(link)
2014 Taipei Fine Arts Award 台北美術獎入選, Taipei
2014 Best Portfolio, Singapore International Photography Festival, Singapore
2013 Kaohsiung Award, Photography Catagory Winner 高雄獎攝影類優選, Kaohsiung
2012 PHOTO TAIPEI Emerging Artist Award / 新銳藝術家獲獎, Taipei
2012 The New York Photo Award, Student Fine Art Series Category Winner, New York
2012 Flash Forward - Emerging Photographers 2012, Magenta Foundation, Canada
2012 New York Photo Festival Invitational Winner
2012 Culturehall New Artist Feature, Winter 2012
2012 Blurb Book Prize, Hey, Hot Shot! 2nd Edition 2011, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York
2012 Honorable Mentions, Hey, Hot Shot! 2nd Edition 2011, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York
2017 Collections, Kadist Foundation, Paris (link)
2014 In Between purchased by MoMA Library, New York
2014 Nowhere in Taiwan (handmade book) purchased by MFAH Library, Houston
2012 Permanent Collections, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 
(MFAH) (link)
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