looking-at-camera (still), 2018

Looking-at-camera is composed of a series of bizarrely fascinating images. The models in the images are often absorbed (mostly phubbing or using computer), and occasionally look at the audience behind the camera as if they were searching for some emotional connection. These bizarre images comes from the image database purchased on the Internet, downloaded by the artist with keywords “looking at camera” before composition.
These images from the database are usually meant for commercial advertisement purpose. Therefore, it is reasonable to picture these images with logos and captions to make a perfect testimonial ending for commercial. Yet, if we string these materials together (with advertising messages removed), they will become segments of videosculpture. Among these segments of never-ending loop, the models are in fact not browsing. As they are disengaged from the status of browsing and lift up their hands, they were like breaking the fourth wall, establishing a fantastic yet empty connection with the audience.

《Looking-at-camera》由一串非常詭異迷人的影像所構成。影像中模特兒們常沈浸在自己的狀態中(多半是滑手機平板或使用電腦),爾後望向鏡頭後螢幕前的觀眾,彷若在尋求一種情感上的連結。這些詭異的影像來自於網路購買的影像素材庫,藝術家錨定關鍵字「looking at camera」下載構組而成。

looking-at-camera (preview), 2018

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