Solo Exhibition at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2013.12.27 – 2014.2.23
I always have the feeling of not being understood. But there are always people want to tell me their secrets. They might think that I would understand how they feel. Well, there must be some misunderstanding, which I do not understand.
I don’t mean to make this exhibition to challenge the audience, see if they really understand my work. There are so many different ways to perceive and interpret an artwork. Thus I would prefer to create some misunderstandings, shifting the context of the work beyond its surface. In other words, it is not just what it is. I am fascinated by these misunderstandings between communication and perception. Instead of giving answers, I would rather ask questions, to make it more poetic with the possible ambiguities.
Therefore in my work, fail portraits of people suffering from Insomnia with their eyes closed. The camera lens is blocked off by someone’s finger, but produces even more light. The photograph of snow is not just the snow, also the Italian opera is more than just opera. Wanted to be accepted and to be understood, I tell some secrets to my friend but only videotaped their facial expression without my speaking voice. All the punctums are missing in my photobook gutter, but the emotions are still there.
For many years I have been dealing with all sorts of things about communication and perception. I studied advertising and PR in college, learning how to use different media to communicate with consumers. Singing in a choir for 10 years, I share feelings with the audience and also with other singers on stage. For now I am an artist. I try to reveal myself, but at the same time have to think of how the audiences would perceive my work. We are not only making art for ourselves, after all. Now I suddenly realize why people always think that I would understand them.
Then again, I still hope someone could understand me.
展覽的命題並不是要挑戰觀眾說,你們到底懂不懂,我也一直認為理解作品沒有一個標準答案,是能多重解讀的,於是在創作時偏好製造一連串的誤會,讓他們看起來不只是表面上那樣,這些再觀看與理解間所產生的各種誤解到甚至不解,都讓我著迷,與其大聲說出答案,不如提出問句 ,任由曖昧的多種可能性,勾勒出詭譎美好的詩性空間。
Nessun Dorma | 你是懂了嘛
Performance, music sheet, and 2-channel video installation (color, sound)

Snowdust | 塵雪
Photograph, snow and dust

Utilizing the disturbing “dust dot” when scanning negatives, I blend those dots with snow scene to confuse the viewer. It looks like the universe from far, but it’s actuall snow and dust when getting closer.

利⽤用灰塵在掃描中最令⼈人困擾的細⼩小⽩白點,以雪景的負⽚片刻意沾染之,與⽩白雪紛⾶飛混合掃描後真假莫辨;遠看 是宇宙星塵,像是星系,近看(進⼀一步解讀)則是雪與塵。
I Know | 我懂
Single-channel video (color, no sound)

I always have the feeling of not being understood.
I wrote a hundred personal things about myself, read them in front of my friends, and videotaped their responses to all my intimate secrets. At the moment, we were all vulnerably synchronized. The video documentation allows viewers to experience the whole-hearted moment, almost as if hearing a friend saying: "I know.”

In Between | 在中間
Artist book, digital offset printed at Conveyor Arts, 230 pages, 5x8 inch, 4th Edition, limited to 100 copies

I used my personal intimate memories accumulated in the two years I’d spent in the States to make a book. Every image’s “studium” has been intentionally positioned in the binding part in the middle of the book, making any faces or facial impressions invisible. The reader is then only able to peek at the abstract figures or ambiguous narrative elements instead of particular people or things; to me as the author, as a result of not being able to see, was able to keep the true memories in literally the middle of the book—the deepest spot in my memory.

Fingerclipes Insomnia  |  若有手指失眠
Photo Installation
Fingerclipes utilize the common mistake of accidentally blocking the lens with a finger or part of a finger to explore the real and surreal between the image and me. Although the finger blocks the view, it creates an effect similar to the sunlight or flare. Often times it becomes unclear whether the finger was really there or something that we don’t understand. By jaxtaposing Fingerclipes and Insomnia, the failed portrait when people blink their eyes, together it creates ridiculous dialogue between the blinking moment, flare, sunlight, and the chance of these happenings.

Live Opera Performance at the opening night.
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