Inside the seemingly peaceful aesthetics of the gridded facade
holds the visual impact that will move your heart.

Entering the astonishing 40 ft. lobby of MIHO Hall 
from the rhythmic stonewall waterfalls
Let the most graceful form of hospitality
be the one that reveals your sophistication.

In our lifetime,
we always encounter wonderful opportunities that come along every hundred years. 

I collected written information and slogans in the advertisements. Sales details such as project names and locations are then eliminated. What is left of these messages becomes poetry. The Found Poems laud the modularized ideal of beautiful living and depict Taipei citizens’ collective yearning for home and lifestyle.

* A property for sale is literally termed an “object” in Taiwan’s real estate business.

收集這些「物件」的文案,抹除案名地點等銷售元素後成詩。撿拾到的詩句(Found Poem)是美好家居的模組化倡議,更是市民對家居的集體想望。

Harvard architecture master Lu Chien-Hsun
imbues oriental beauty that incorporates cosmopolitan sensibilities. He
redefines the priority of space over time on the foundation of humanistic free will, and with architectural terminology, one at a time he narrates the layers of the aesthetics of the frame.

The earliest modular form came from Japanese aesthetics. With the concept of modules could rigorous aesthetic proportions be expressed and therefore produce an orderly beauty of form that resonates with its surroundings. 

Convenient and efficient transportation south of Da-an, move around Taipei joyfully at will. 30 seconds to Shih-hsin University, on foot.
Reach the Examination Yuan of ROC in 5 minutes, strolling.
Approach the heart of Wan-fang in 5 minutes from Xin-hai Rd. by car.

Promptly arrive at Jing-mei or NTU shopping circles in 5 minutes from Mu-cha Rd. Easy access to Xin-yi District in 10 minutes by Xin-yi Expressway

The inherently exquisite landscape is Wen-shan District, even more so, Zhong-sun St. becomes the green-light axis of Wen-shan District. A turn on Xing-long Rd., is the proximity to the park and campus, greenery in one hand and knowledge the other.

Once Yuanlih Group comes to Wen-shan District and sees the momentum of beauty, it becomes the attentive gardener who
sows the seed of artful architecture—starting with a single tree on the sidewalk, hoping it appears as if it had already aged with time the minute it was planted, as if it has occupied the same spot for while, instead of appearing intrusive. So they adopted the raised-bed frames to ensure the trees embracing the community may quickly blend in the landscape, and make themselves at home.

Yuanlih Zhong-Sun Grand Courtyard Wen-shan Wen-shan
In Wen-shan District
, the best place to live is Zhong-Sun Grand Courtyard.
Your windows open to the woods and hills, and your home faces the park that is your own front yard. You’ll fall in love with the effects of strolling while living here. The building, fully embellished with granite, witnesses, in the finest crafts,
the classical as classic

Adjacent to Chenggong Rd in Nei-hu Xiawan, front row of Xiawan Park, Lianyuan Group adopts the art deco style architecture of classic New York City Central Park front row buildings to create Forest Woods. Facing the magnificent sea of trees is the poetic crescent shaped balcony—a floating observation deck.

“Forest Woods” is located approximately 260 meters to the proposed site of the MRT National Health Center station. From Mingquan Blvd. it is a 10 minute direct route to Songshang Capital City Airport, neighboring the living perimeters of Neihu’s Fifth Replanning District, COSTCO, Carrefour, and RT- Mart.... The lifestyle embodying the separation of commercial and residential, and that of the hustle and bustle versus tranquility, becomes
even more precious with the kilometer-long sea of trees in the park.

Forest Woods offers 1500 and 1600 square feet condominiums, four units each floor. Every unit has windows facing Xiawan Park, with the company of a sea of trees and the waves of a forest. To own and appreciate the view, the architecture of this top park-side
also becomes a
block of poised scenery.  

Deconstructing the site, divide it in two—one is a fashionable display of the art of the frame, while the other showcases the delicate temperament of the aesthetics of the grid. Not only does the facade bestow upon us the air of installation art, the structure,
with its glorious theatrics, delivers simple models of semi-detached units, which allows for
light from two or more sides— all to compose the most elegant and comforting taste of life. 

“Casa Cloud” recedes dramatically
making way for the pedestrian sidewalk.

With the concept of vegetation, ecology and art, the garden landscape creates depth in space and separates itself from the private and the public

Living in your own urban conservatory
while the living space and the environment connect infinitely and resonate with nature. 

Those who enjoy life around NCCU, are often those who have the romantic notion of seeking the garden of Eden. The faster the pace of the world, the more they want to be free. “Eton Manor” designs common areas with the essence of humanity, allowing the realization of a “share&link” communal joy.

After thousands of years, the beauty of granite in European gardens and castles is still breath- taking, and the value of granite architecture will increase over time, unaffected by passing trends— this is not only the attractiveness of the classical, but the legend of classics.

The facade of “Eton Manor” is built with carefully chosen granite, the overall view is awe-inspiring with meticulous handcrafted details, like a piece of habitable land art.

Everyday, you wish to return to your home of Bella Vita

Taipei 101 is my walk-in closet, Eslite Xinyi Store is my main library, the World Trade Center is my conference room, Xinyi VIESHOW is my entertainment room, and Nangang Park is my gym. Don’t envy me, if you want, you can also [have it all]

You can always distinguish [...] from the noise of the crowd.

Expand your business territory within the city, and long for blissful contentment in the woods Harmonizing the ideas of urban sanctuary and rural retreat in the spirit of mindful solitude.

Observe the mountains above, listen to the springs below, and lean softly against Xianjiyan
Perceive the wonder of nature through architecture, escape the burden of the secular world
“Audacity” is the temperament of the cultured and the backbone of the architectural aesthetics. Even more so, it is a luxury that has amassed over time. 

Taipei is not short of housing, it is short of quality housing
In the years of living in Wenshan District, I have been expecting a house built by the Yuanlih Group
Now I finally moved in Yuanlih’s “Zhongshun Grand Courtyard”
All I want to say is that it is absolutely worth the wait.

We came to see Yuanlih’s “Zhongshun Grand Courtyard” when it was first being built
You can only do the right thing once you have a decent home
This home was bought after profound researchI have acquired a safe and comfortable castle
New aesthetics of Wenshan Districtat Zhongshun Grand Courtyard, classical is classic. 

Preserve value
Preserve health
Preserve beauty
Preserve wealth. 

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