The Taipei Artist Village is located by a busy traffic hub in Taipei, and it has countless motorbikes parked around it. On each of the motorbikes is a seat pad. According to a nonchalant investigation conducted by the artist, on average, out of every ten motorbikes, one has a torn seat pad, hence the title of this artwork.
"Torn Seat Pads" sound rather sad, and they seem like scars. The larger the scar the more difficult it is for the rider sitting on that seat pad on a rainy day because water would slowly seep into the crotch area on their pants. Perhaps they lack the time or the money to improve the experience of their daily commute, or maybe they are just not that sensitive. Inside each scar is a universe, and each gaping opening is a black hole.
On the artist's own motorbike is also a torn seat pad. Whenever he approaches the Taipei Artist Village on this motorbike, he would see a medley of different torn seat pads, with holes of various sizes and depths on them. Some only have a single hole, while others have a couple of holes or even more. The artist has photographed various torn seat pads around Taipei and is on the lookout for the most beautiful, the funniest, the most pathetic, or simply just the most mundane-looking torn seat pad, which has led to this collection of "Torn Seat Pads in Taipei."
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